Hot Wheels vehicles released for the Red Line Club in 2004.

Items: 27

Club Cars

Plymouth Barracuda – Blue Stripes

Plymouth Barracuda – Red Stripes

Plymouth Barracuda – Black Stripes

Larry Wood World Tour

Larry Wood World Tour 4-Car Set

VW Bug

Passion Too

Classic Packard

Olds 442


VW Bug

’70 Roadrunner

’63 Vette

’67 Camaro

Evil Weevil

Tow Truck

’40 Ford

Real Riders

Baja Breaker

Beach Bomb Too

Mighty Maverick

Custom Fleetside

Olds 442

Scorchin’ Scooter

Customized VW Drag Bus


Chevy Nomad

Custom Mustang Mach I

Classic Packard

Thunder Roller

Treasure Hunts

2004 Treasure Hunt Box Set

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