Hot Wheels vehicles released for the Red Line Club in 2010.

Items: 28

Club Cars

Custom AMC AMX – Chrome

Custom AMC AMX – Red

Custom AMC AMX – Blue

Custom AMC AMX – Purple

Holiday Cars

Hiway Hauler


’67 Camaro

Mountain Goat

Ford J-Car

Superfine Turbine

Cement Truck

Ice ‘T’

Party Cars


TNT Bird

Real Riders

Classic Cord

Large and in Charger

Volkswagen Drag Truck

’68 Cougar

Thunder Roller

Mob Rod

RLC Rewards

Super Van

Custom Mustang

Rodger Dodger

Poison Pinto


’57 Buick

’69 Camaro

Special Edition

Honky Tonk Hot Rod

Blown Delivery

Super Chromes

Super Van

Custom Mustang

Rodger Dodger

Poison Pinto

Treasure Hunts

2010 Treasure Hunt Box Set

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