Hot Wheels vehicles released for the Red Line Club in 2012.

Items: 36

Club Cars

Classic ’57 T-Bird – Chrome

Classic ’57 T-Bird – Red

Classic ’57 T-Bird – Blue

Classic ’57 T-Bird – Purple

Holiday Cars

Blown Delivery

Monster Cereal

Hiway Hauler – Count Chocula

’50s Chevy Truck – Fruit Brute

School Busted – Boo Berry


Dump Truck

1931 Ford Woody

Custom Otto

Double Vision

’71 Maverick Grabber

Continental Mark III

Original 16

Hot Heap

Beatnik Bandit

Party Cars

Double Vision

Haul Of Flame

Real Riders

’49 Merc

Tail Dragger

’85 Camaro IROC-Z

’71 Plymouth GTX

’66 Super Nova

Texas Drive ‘Em

RLC Rewards

Volkswagen Drag Truck

’52 Hudson Hornet


Mighty Maverick

Mob Rod

Special Edition

Time Machine

Convoy Custom

Cabbin’ Fever

DeLorean DMC-12

’65 Mercury Cyclone

Mini Cooper – United States Olympic Committee

School Busted – Subscription Car

Treasure Hunts

2012 Treasure Hunt Box Set

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